Researches have time and again shown that early childhood educational efforts are critical for helping children develop and attain confidence and success in later stages of their life. And we, at Smoky Row Children’s Center believe that early development and learning in children takes place through relationships and particularly among their own age group. Therefore, we share your responsibility of educating and developing your children at a home away from home.

At our day care center in Powell, OH, learning through play is given utmost importance. For us, it is a method to let them explore, learn and discover things about their world and themselves. We encourage the use of various amorphous and definite play materials allowing opportunities for newer discoveries and facilitating the children to work within their abilities, while offering them the freedom to challenge themselves.

Children learn through fun curriculum –

At the children day care center, we firmly ensure the environment is such that it supports the development of constructive relationships, while also nurturing every individual’s sense of belonging. We also foster collaborations with peers and adults through guided participation as well as individual reflection.

Our educators and instructors develop the children’s learning by selecting specific teaching strategies, planning experiences and organize fun summer camps to build on every child’s knowledge and skills. In addition, we greatly value the outdoors and believe that children at our day care center benefit from experiencing the environment and seasonal changes.

When choosing a kindergarten or child care center, you should take the time to personally meet the people who can provide your child a great start in life and at Smoky Row Children’s Center, we’ll be glad to introduce them to you.

Early Childhood Professionals –

Our early childhood educators are carefully screened and evaluated by their professional credentials as well as by their warmth and sensitivity to the individual needs of young children and families. Most classes have team-teachers who have degrees in early child development or a related field. Administrators have degrees in child development as well as experience teaching young children. Staff members are active in professional organizations locally and nationally. Many present workshops and training for other professionals. All are involved in a continuing program of in-service training.